6 comments on “Why We Need Big, Bold Science Fiction

  1. some interesting theories….
    There’s definitely been a decline in the science of SF, but pessimism being the cause? I’m not so sure, though a lack of faith in the economy has certainly stalled innovation.


    • Yes, I doubt there’s any one reason. But it could be one of a number of contributing factors. I remember seeing quotes in the past of scientists who made early contributions to space exploration saying they had been inspired to go into that field by SF they read when they were young.


  2. While I certainly agree that there is more pessimism and general darkness in science fiction of the last 10 years that of Golden Age scif (of which I have a huge weakness for), I wonder if the reason isn’t the absolute opposite of that article’s idea.

    I think part of the joy and wonder of golden age scifi was at that time, we didn’t know what wasn’t possible. we didn’t know life (as we know it) on Mars and Venus didn’t exist. We didn’t know how much of a pain in the butt it was to get to the Moon, or how complicated zero gravity would be. we weren’t quite sure how rare planets that can sustain life are.

    And now that we know that there this no life on Venus or Mars, that getting to the moon is really fricken complicated, that aliens aren’t going to be contacting us anytime soon. . . now we know everything beautiful from golden age scifi is more than likely impossible, it sheds a black cloud on science fictional inspiration.

    ehh, just my two cents.


    • Yeah, that’s likely a factor too. There were lots of big new ideas available then. Now, at least as far as space goes (and probably a lot of other science topics too), they’ve all been done. We’ve also seen the negative side of technologies like nuclear power. In many ways the newer SF is probably a more realistic view of science and technology.


      • “In many ways the newer SF is probably a more realistic view of science and technology.”

        realistic, but depressing. :( makes me want to go read some good old skool stuff. Cordwainer Smith, here I come!


        • Yeah, it would have been fun to be around during those early years. I’m just old enough to be remember being woken up one night to watch one of the Apollo launches. It certainly made a lasting impression on me.


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