2 comments on “The Kobo Mini eReader

  1. We originally bought a kobo each for myself and DS9 and DD8. I like it being preloaded with a hundred free books (all straight from Gutenberg; and acknowledged as such). While the kids are very good at reading, I don’t want them exposed to a romance novel (Jane Austen is overly conservative, and is one of my favourite authors, but I just don’t want my kids exposed to romance stories). Even though I haven’t read Dracula, I was hesitant about the kids getting scared about it (we don’t have a TV; but they were shown ten minutes of Nemo and had a major meltdown). We found the kobos to be slow and cumbersome to load books on to. It was just frustrating. We sent them back for a refund. We purchased 2 of the kindle 2s. I then later purchased myself a wifi 3G kindle 3. We all love them. We had a minor incident a few months ago when DS9 bought himself a few new books, but I expect this not to be repeated. Jury is still out if DD5 will get mine (or one of the older kids will get mine, and she will get the k2), or if we buy a new one for her. If we buy a new one, I would only buy the wifi version for $139. I don’t think the 3G is value for money. In Australia, the k2 gets 3G reception in so many more places than the k3. As soon as we leave a capital city, I have no reception on the k3, but if the phones have reception then the kids will on the k2.


    • How long ago was that? It sounds like they might have been older models. The eReaders are constantly improving. None of them are speed demons, but the Kobo minis are just as fast my Kindle Touch. At least I haven’t noticed any obvious difference.


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