Get Her Off the Pitch! : How Sport Took Over My Life

Get Her Off the Pitch! : How Sport Took Over My Life


From the bestselling author of `Eats, Shoots & Leaves', this is the hilarious new book from Lynne Truss about her strange journey through the world of sport and sports journalism.

`Years ago, Boris Becker famously said, after losing at Wimbledon, "Nobody died. I just lost a tennis match." And while some people applauded him for his healthy sense of proportion, it didn't ring remotely true. While I was writing about sport, I was caught on the horns of this dilemma for the whole bloody time. I was like the poor confused jurors in `Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' who sit in their jury box, writing emphatically on their little slates, both "important" and "not important" because they honestly don't have a clue.'

In this magnificent book, Lynne Truss charts her often bizarre wanderings during her time as a sports journalist for the `Sunday Times'. From covering a heavyweight world title fight at Madison Square Garden, to watching England beat Holland from an airship above Wembley (while eating chocolate cake); from her extravagant feelings about Andre Agassi, to covering sports like cricket (where, initially, she didn't have any idea what was going on), Lynne Truss manages to crystallize exactly the essence of what sport is about, and bring her characteristic wisdom and wry humour to it. The book will be a revelation to sport's foolish doubters, and a treat for the many of us who spend too much of our time watching it.

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