Side by Side/Lado a Lado

Side by Side/Lado a Lado


A powerful and accesible bilingual picture book that highlights "the power and impact of ordinary but dedicated citizens."*

Every day, thousands of farmworkers harvested the food that ended up on kitchen tables all over the country. But at the end of the day, when the workers sat down to eat, there were only beans on their own tables. Then Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez teamed up. Together they motivated the workers to fight for their rights and, in the process, changed history.

Award-winning author Monica Brown and acclaimed illustrator Joe Cepeda join together to create this stunning tribute to two of the most influential people of the twentieth century.

"I love that this book introduces Dolores and Cesar as children and connects their early life experiences to the decisions they made as they grew up," commented reviewer Maria Ramos-Chertok in the blog "Latinxs in Kid Lit." "Given that I longed for bilingual children's books when my two sons were growing up, I only wish I had known about this book earlier." She added that Side by Side offers opportunities to open discussions about work and career, feminism, and friendship, as well as a fresh perspective on history.

Todos los días, miles de campesinos cosechaban los alimentos que se servían en los hogares de todo el país. Pero al terminar la jornada, cuando los campesinos se sentaban a comer, lo único que había en sus propias mesas era frijoles. Entonces, Dolores Huerta y César Chávez se unieron para motivar a los trabajadores a luchar por sus derechos y en el proceso, cambiaron el curso de la historia.

La premiada autora Monica Brown y el aclamado ilustrador Joe Cepeda se unen para crear éste impresionante tributo a dos de las personas más influentes del siglo veinte.

*Publishers Weekly

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