The Toyota Way Fieldbook

The Toyota Way Fieldbook


Your hands-on guide to the secrets of Toyota's success! Jeffrey Liker first revealed the management principles Toyota's worldwide reputation for quality and reliability in the international bestseller "The Toyota Way". Now, he and Toyota veteran David Meier take those lessons a step further with "The Toyota Way Fieldbook". You'll receive the diagnostic tools, worksheets, and exercises - many adapted from Toyota originals - so you can craft the most effective approach for your organization. Learn how to develop a long-term philosophy of cost reduction, build a culture that stops to fix problems quickly, develop leaders that live your system, and transform your company into a true lean learning organization that continuously improves, meets the needs of its customers, and positions itself for long-term success.Most importantly, you'll understand the thinking behind lean tools and approaches so you can implement Toyota's 4P Model for success in your organization: Philosophy - the company is a vehicle for adding value to customers, society, the community, and its associates; Process - when leaders follow the right process they get the right results, including long-term cost-reduction and quality improvement; People and Partners - add value to an organization by challenging its people and partners to grow and become more skilled and confident; and, Problem solving - continuously solve root problems to drive organizational learning.

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