Doofus Dad Does Everest Base Camp : One of Planet Earth's epic adventures told by a slightly-less-than-epic guy

Doofus Dad Does Everest Base Camp : One of Planet Earth's epic adventures told by a slightly-less-than-epic guy


"Mark Johnson has a magical way of picking you up from your comfy reading chair and dropping you off in the heart of the cold and at times unforgiving Himalayas. I read the whole book in just a few quick sittings and constantly found myself laughing, biting my nails, and undeniably identifying with every ridiculous thing Mark found himself doing on his journey. If you enjoy grand adventures and a fair share of "dad humor," add Mark's EBC chronicle to your bookshelf now." Tim Moore, The Penny Hoarder

Imagine yourself trekking through the epic Himalayan wilderness to Everest Base Camp - 17,600 feet above sea level and the gateway to the planet's most iconic mountain. Experience the world's most startling, high-altitude landscapes, interact with the welcoming Sherpa people, and struggle to catch your breath as you narrowly avoid being trampled by an oncoming train of enormous, shaggy yaks loaded with climbing expedition supplies. Now, imagine living this adventure without leaving your favorite reading chair.

"Doofus Dad Does Everest Base Camp" brings that scenario to life.

In April 2018, Tennessee writer Mark E. Johnson embarked on a life-changing, grueling, and often-hilarious adventure - a 12-day, 80-mile trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal's Himalaya Mountains - after launching an improbable trekking company a year earlier. This was Johnson's first excursion out of the continental U.S., and this journey into the exotic country of Nepal was indeed a trial by fire (and ice).

Hike alongside "Doofus Dad" on each part of this bucket list quest, from the starting point of Nashville, Tennessee, through a mind-numbing 23 hours of air travel, into the suicidal traffic of Kathmandu, and on every day of the trek with equal parts lush detail and sly humor. Experience Kathmandu's Hindu and Buddhist temples, visit the infamous Yeti's Scalp of the Khumjung Monastery and join in on a hysterical salsa dance lesson at 14,000-feet.

"Doofus Dad Does Everest Base Camp" is a gripping adventure story that also serves as a practical resource for future trekkers. It includes:

A standard EBC trekking mapAn EBC itineraryDaily trekking statistics including elevation changes and hiking timesThe gear lists of Mark and his wife, HollyA Nepal trekking training guide

The foreword is provided by mountaineering legend and Everest blogger Alan Arnette, called "one of America's most respected chroniclers of Everest," by Outside Magazine. "This book is a must-have for the bookshelf of yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's traveler," says Arnette.

The audiobook is read by Johnson and even includes sound effects from the trek itself.

Johnson is a longtime freelancer and blog writer, best known for his Dave Barry-esque stories about parenting, rural living, and health and fitness.

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