Unopened Letters From God : Using Biblical Dreams To Unlock Nightly Dreams

Unopened Letters From God : Using Biblical Dreams To Unlock Nightly Dreams


This workbook, for dream groups and individuals, can transform your life. It is for the beginner, but also for those who already know and experience this reality - yet need the support, encouragement and wisdom of the dream community. Each of the 14 Chapters explores a Biblical dream in its own context, suggests a method to work that dream, and shares similar contemporary dreams with exercises leading you to your own dream "ahas." The ancient Hebrews and early Christians claimed that one of the primary ways God speaks to God's people is through dreams: not "a" way, but the "primary" way. Unfortunately, along the way, people were discouraged from taking their dreams seriously. I, too, was a non-believer in the reality of the dream world for 40 years. That was before experiencing a new spirituality for myself, 10 years' dreamwork with a Jungian analyst, attending the C. G. Jung Institute, and completing a Master's program in the use of dreams in spiritual direction. I have recorded hundreds of dreams, integrating dream work with my priestly, spiritual direction and counseling duties. The riches acquired during this incubation period led to the formation of The Haden Institute which has graduated over 500 people in dreamwork and spiritual direction. Dreams are crazy. Real crazy. They appear crazy to us because they are not literal, but rather metaphorical, like Jesus' parables. Metaphor is the primary language of the Divine. Metaphor takes us to a deeper level of awareness. Dreams are autonomous. They are like another personality in us. They have a life of their own. Amazing. Dreams deepen our belief in the afterlife. Many conversions, inventions, healings, vocational and other life changes have come through dreams as well as dangers averted and problems solved. Dreams are particularly meaningful to those who have "been around the block": those in the second half of life who have experienced dead end streets, tragedies, failures, the dark night of the soul. The dream can be our guide through this maze leading us to a place where we begin to live on a deeper level.

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