Get Governed : Building World Class Data Governance Programs

Get Governed : Building World Class Data Governance Programs


"Get Governed" is the textbook for data governance professionals. Templar delivers complex information in an approachable style while offering the most accurate and easy to comprehend path toward proper and complete Data Governance for businesses of all sizes and types.

Templar quickly conveys why governance matters and how it benefits your organization. No other book on Data Governance provides such a clear roadmap to success while keeping you awake and entertained with stories of how Data Governance has made a difference in the lives of customers and employees.

With millions of data points changing every day, there is no time to waste. It is time to Get Governed!


"Because data has quietly and quickly reached a critical mass of volume and complexity, the immense opportunities we seek with it can only be achieved when matched with a process of refining it to the few elements among the many that deserve the title 'asset.'

"Morgan is sharing how data presents endless opportunities once the right structure, leadership, conversations and cultural shift begin to take place. Whether you picked up this book for curiosity or because you are now responsible for delivering Data Governance to an organization, "Get Governed" is a well-composed guide that will change the way you think about the problem. Morgan thoughtfully lays out the reasons for Data Governance, the setup, the buy-in, the proof-points and the successes and failures to learn from. Morgan takes you on this journey in such an approachable manner that average people and experienced data management professionals alike can all reap the benefits of her experience and knowledge.

Data Governance can be broken down into driving value for three core objectives: Analytics and Insights, Operational Excellence and Compliance & Reporting. Use cases related to each define a reason for why data must be trusted and the means for how it must be governed to deliver trust.

"This next era of business is only going to be successful by embracing data governance and the importance of the trusted insight you will gain." - Marie Klok Crump, COO, Datum

"Healthcare organizations are just starting to realize the potential value of the data they are sitting on, and 'Get Governed' explains both the "why" and the "how" to help organizations find the hidden value of those data assets. Whether you're just getting started, or have been in information management for years, "Get Governed" provides a practical, down-to-earth guide to get your organization on the right path to effective data governance." - Glen Schuster, Founder and Principal, Skrymir Data Strategies; Former CTO of Centene Corporation.

"This book provides a unique perspective on the missing link in many organizations' data strategies - Governance. Governance is not just about control and decision making; it's how you enable the effective use of Data and Information to drive value and align it to the stakeholders which companies serve. As data consumption continues to grow exponentially, putting in place the right governance processes is critical. 'Get Governed' helps put some context and structure around these efforts." - Bill Fandrich, SVP and CIO Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

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