Davis's PA Exam Review : Focused Review for the PANCE and PANRE

Davis's PA Exam Review : Focused Review for the PANCE and PANRE


Pass your PANCE and PANRE exams.

Here's everything you need to pass your exam...hundreds of questions that mirror the format and structure of the actual certifying exams. Divided into two sections, "Essentials" challenges your subject knowledge and critical-thinking with vignettes and multiple-answer questions, while "Performance," offers a simulated exam experience. You Should Know rationales provide quick explanations for every "Essentials" section question.

More than 800 questions in all reflecting an equal distribution of items in the knowledge and skill areas being tested by the exams, history taking and physical examination, using laboratory and diagnostic studies, formulating most likely diagnoses, clinical interventions, clinical therapeutics, health maintenance, and applying scientific concepts

Unique dual learning structure:

Part I. Essentials: Your Medical Information Base
Strategically designed didactic questions integrate clinical vignettes. Multiple correct answers with rationales allow you to compare and contrast medical data.
Part II. Performance: Gauging Your Test Success
Questions in Part II mirror the actual PANCE and PANRE exams. Compare your answers to the correct answers in Section 2 to identify your strengths and weaknesses. References for each answer show you where to find corresponding rationales in Part I.

"You Should Know" rationales that provide quick explanations for every "Essentials" section question
Body system classification labels for each item to enable you to focus on your areas of weakness

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