Tutor Ted's Guide to the ACT

Tutor Ted's Guide to the ACT


*Also find our ACT online course at learn.tutorted.com* Learn invaluable ACT strategies using Tutor Ted's techniques-cultivated for over a decade-to achieve YOUR maximum ACT score. Tutor Ted is a test prep tutoring company that has helped thousands of students to achieve their best ACT scores. The Tutor Ted philosophy is simple: when students know the content of the test and have strategies to apply that knowledge, the test becomes much simpler, much more predictable...and test scores go up. The original "Tutor Ted," Ted Dorsey, scored a perfect 36 on the ACT. He teaches students students to see the simplicity behind the test and helps them to believe that once you know what's on the test, the test makers cannot fool you. Here is what is included in this book: All of the science knowledge required on the ACT Science Test over the past fifteen years! We combed through our library of over 60 real tests to find all of the specific science content that ACT has required students to know-and published it in this book. Training exercises broken out by topic to help students develop their knowledge and skill. Do you know how to use a semicolon? Or what it means when two variables are inversely proportional? Once you know that stuff, the ACT becomes a much easier and friendlier test. Practice questions just like what you'll see on the ACT We model all of our questions off of previously administered ACT exams. That way, you know what to expect when you get to the test. Strategies for attacking every section of the ACT Part of what makes students successful on the ACT is knowing the content; another part is knowing how to approach the test. This book offers strategies and ways of thinking that will make any student better at both the Reading and the Science sections of the ACT. Simple, clear, and practical tutorials At Tutor Ted, simplicity is our style. We specialize in clear and useful lessons. After all, if you can't understand it, you can't use it. Techniques for approaching double reading passages What if we told you the new wrinkle the ACT introduced-"paired" reading passages-actually make taking the test much, much easier? Tutorials and practice prompts for the new, enhanced ACT Writing Test Learn how to make an essay "blueprint"-the simple way to structure and organize your essay so you deliver on all the requirements of the prompt. The funny, fresh voice that sets Tutor Ted apart from the rest. The teaching style that makes us, well, us. Maximize YOUR success...with help from Tutor Ted. Tutor Ted: Non-boring ACT Prep Since 2000

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