Library and Information Center Management, 9th Edition

Library and Information Center Management, 9th Edition


This essential, single-volume textbook supplies a comprehensive introduction to library management that addresses all the functions of management, specifically within the ever-evolving modern library environment.

Strategic planning. Facilities management. Leadership, ethics, communication, and motivation. Human resources and staffing. Change, library development, and innovation. Marketing. Measurement and evaluation. Fiscal responsibility and control. These are just some of the wide range of responsibilities and necessary skills of contemporary library managers-not all of which are typically covered in detail in LIS educational programs.

Now updated and expanded for its ninth edition, Libraries Unlimited's Library and Information Center Management is the core management text for library information science programs. This latest text adds new information on grant writing as well as more about budgets, marketing, financial management, assessment, and evidence-based management. The authors include various real-world examples from international settings to help readers understand and conceptualize the place of the library and information center in our global world. Each chapter ends with two helpful sections that present numerous examples and opportunities to apply newly gained information: "Practice Your Skills" and "Discussion Questions."

* The latest edition of a best-selling core management text-now in its ninth edition-covering all the management functions of libraries and information centers

* Supplies new discussion topics, examples of management challenges, and case studies

* Provides a global perspective on library management

* Contains new discussion topics and case studies and offers supplementary online materials

* Includes "Chapter Takeaways," a list of topics that the reader should understand after reading the chapter; "Management on the Job" sections referencing a specific journal article that demonstrates the chapter topic; and "Talk about It" and "Practice Your Skills" segments that offer readers a chance to demonstrate what they are learning

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