The Whistler : The Number One Bestseller

The Whistler : The Number One Bestseller


'The best thriller writer alive' Ken Follett

The most corrupt judge in US history. A young investigator with a secret informant.

Lacy Stoltz never expected to be in the firing line. Investigating judicial misconduct by Florida's one thousand judges, her cases so far have been relatively unexciting. That's until she meets Greg Myers, an indicted lawyer with an assumed name, who has an extraordinary tale to tell.

Myers is representing a whistle blower who knows of a judge involved in organised crime. Along with her gangster associates this judge has facilitated the building of a casino on an Indian reservation. At least two people who opposed the scheme are dead. Since the casino was built, the judge has made several fortunes off undeclared winnings. She owns property around the world, hires private jets to take her where she wishes, and her secret vaults are overflowing with rare books, art and jewels.

No one has a clue what she's been doing - until now.

Under Florida law, those who help the state recover illegally acquired assets stand to gain a large percentage of them. Myers and his whistle blower friend could make millions.

But first they need Lacy to start an investigation. Is she ready to pit herself against the most corrupt judge in American history, a judge whose associates think nothing of murder?



'Grisham really is the master of the legal thriller!' - 5-star reader review

'A great read' - 5-star reader review

'A thriller with plenty of action' - 5-star reader review

'Another gripping tale' - 5-star reader review

'Absolutely loved this book' - 5-star reader review

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