The Museum Is Not Enough

The Museum Is Not Enough


The Museum Is Not Enough is the result of collective reflections on architecture, contemporary social concerns, institutions, and the public undertaken by the CCA in recent years. Building on years of thematic investigations and of a continued questioning of the role of cultural institutions and the issues they face today, the book puts forward the CCA's own positions and opens them up to a dialogue with designers, curators, photographers, publishers, and other institutions who ask themselves similar questions.

This publication is conceived as the first volume of a yearly magazine, with which the CCA will explore urgent questions defining its curatorial activity. Topics addressed in this volume include the institution's engagement with the present, the significance of the archive as a site for the production of new ideas, display strategies in architecture exhibitions, the need for mediation in art, and the impact of the digital in current museum practices.

ContributorsNoura Al Sayeh, Greg Barton, Ruth Estévez, Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen, Stefano Graziani, Dan Handel, Martin Huberman, Wilfred Kuehn, Kalle Lasn, Maria Lind, Kieran Long, Ligia Nobre, Mike Pepi, Damon Rich, Filippo Romano, Mika Savela, Bernd Scherer, Jack Self, Astria Suparak, Shirley Surya, Jesús Vassallo, James Voorhies, and Mark Wigley

Published by Sternberg Press and the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)

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